Hi Loves! I wanted to share a little bit about my new business Arloa Designed
Over the last few years I’ve been on a journey of self discovery, which if I’m honest hasn’t exactly been the fun adventure I thought it would be. I have almost felt more lost than I did before I started. And truthfully, in my darkest moments have felt that there really isn’t any purpose for me and that God forgot about me.
During this quarantine, my dad died unexpectedly which has made me feel even more lost and alone. In this season I desperately needed a way to get out of my head, so I broke down and used my monthly spending to buy some materials to make clay earrings. I felt kind of silly because I’ve seen many others do the same thing! But I figured I had nothing to lose, if anything I would just have something to distract myself. Turns out, I really really have enjoyed creating these earrings! I’ve been able to tap into some creativity that I haven’t seen in myself since I was a child. Not only have I found distraction, but also therapy in making these earrings. It’s crazy how something so seemingly unimportant can be incredibly life giving! 
While I don’t believe my calling in life was to be a clay earring maker, I do know that if anything God has called me to create beauty. I still don’t know if God will ever have a purpose for me in a career or what exactly his “purpose” for me is. But I know that with this business I can be creating beauty by helping others feel extra special through a pair of earrings! What I want you all to know is that I make each earring with so much care and attention to detail. I truly hope my earrings can spark some joy into your life! I’m so happy to share these lovely creations with you all and am excited to see where this will go! If you haven’t yet, give me a follow on social media @arloadesigned 
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